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About Forum Snowboards

Founded in 1996, Forum Snowboards has developed its brand identity by consistently re-shaping the technology of snowboarding. Using its progressive and talented cache of professional riders, Forum Snowboards delivers the most advanced hardgoods available- while creating products with design improvements that any rider can appreciate. Combining the latest technology with edgy design creativity for the past decade has established Forum Snowboards as a leader in the snowboarding community. Turning out the best boards, boots, bindings, streetwear and accessories is Forum’s only focus. Our commitment to snowboarding delivers the industry’s best product, while Forum’s team of riders continues to dominate on hills across the world.

Forum Snowboards began operations in 1996

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New Gear From Forum Snowboards This Season

New for this season, Forum Snowboards has partnered with LRG and Luxirie by LRG Clothing companies to create a limited run of special edition co-branded snowboards. With only 700 of these men's and women's boards manufactured globally, it's sure to be a hot item on the holiday wish list.

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You can also purchase Forum Snowboards directly from their website

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We make great snowboards and snowboard accessories. That's our only business.

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