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About WarmFeet - HeatShields

Cold feet? Ski boot heaters & thermal insole boot & shoe warmers under $20. Styles fit all boots & shoes. Battery FREE & Chemical FREE, HeatShields reflect natural heat reducing heat loss in cold environments. HeatShields come in different styles to fit all boots and shoes. Original HeatShields and ProSkier warm ski boots & boots with removable liners.

What are HeatShields?
HeatShields are the World's First Heat Reflecting Thermal Layer for boots with removable liners. Constructed from multiple layers of special heat reflecting materials, HeatShields are the original battery free and chemical free way to warmer feet. Insist on the original heat reflecting multi-thermal layer! Insist on HeatSHields and WarmFeet and enjoy winter longer.

What do HeatShields do?
HeatShields wrap around and stick to the outside of the inner liner of ski, snowboard, snowmobile and winter sport boots. Underbeds and undersoles slip into boots and shoes underneath the insole or footbed. HeatShields reflect heat naturally produced by your feet and help to keep heat from leaving the boot. WarmFeet are designed for keeping feet warm in shoes and boots. Inserted under the existing insole Undersoles reduce heat transfer to the cold ground and Overtoes feature a toe covering flap that is specially shaped to keep toes warmer.

Do they really work?
HeatShields have been mountain tested in a variety of conditions across North America. Mountain Sports and Living, included HeatShields in their 1998 gear test and reported a 10-20 degree F difference inside the boot...See "Conquer Cold Feet" by Ted Wardlaw Oct 1998 pg.152 - Click Here! See also article by Charles Glass "Boot Heaters" pg. 95 of March 1998 Skiing Trade News (STN) They are used by instructors at many ski schools including Killington, Aspen, Park City, Alta and all over the Poconos. HeatShields have also been used by members of the National Ski Patrol and the University of Nevada Ski Team.

Original HeatShields work well in all boots that have a removable liner. This includes most Ski Boots and many Snowboard, Snowmobile, Ice Climbing, All Weather, Hunting and Cold Weather Boots. HeatShields v.3 undersoles and underbeds can be used in shoes and boots with or without removable liners. HeatShields are very thin so your boots will still fit great.

We have been told HeatShields work great in boots that have electric footbed heaters to allow heaters to be used at a lower setting to conserve batteries and to provide greater comfort during power failures. Upgrade your electric boot heaters with HeatShields!

Professional skiers and athletes rely on HeatShields to keep their feet warm. Onsnow pros know the importance of keeping warm and maintaining muscle coordination and response time.

HeatShields have been a part of helping to sponsor Disabled Sports and are proud to see people strive and achieve their personal best.

WarmFeet - HeatShields began operations in 1989

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New Gear From WarmFeet - HeatShields This Season

What's New?
This season new styles of HeatShields fit all types of boots and shoes with or without liners. Removable non-adhesive styles allow for switching from one pair of boots to another.

Original HeatShields and v.3 ProSkier styles peel and stick to the outside of the inner liner of most ski boots, snowmobile boots, and many snowboard and hunting boots. For skiers who travel the v.3 ProSkier Traveler is removable. New v.3 undersoles are removable and slide underneath existing insoles, footbeds, orthodics, electric footbed heaters, and are designed to fit any shoes or boots. New v.3 Underbeds are a peel and stick footbed reflector designed for use with electric boot heaters, Underbeds can be stuck to the bottom of most insoles, footbeds, orthodics, bootbeds, and really upgrade your current electric ski boot heaters! Before you take off for your favorite mountain or ski resorts this winter make sure you have your HeatShields and Warmfeet.

Where to Buy WarmFeet - HeatShields Online

You can also purchase WarmFeet - HeatShields directly from their website

WarmFeet - HeatShields - Their Specialties

HeatShields - The worlds first heat reflecting-multi-thermal layer for winter sports footwear, shoes and boots. Battery FREE & Chemical FREE - Multi thermal layers reflect heat and keep feet warmer in all shoes and boots. The original heat reflecting multi-thermal layer provides superior performance and is thin enough that shoes and boots still fit perfectly. Can also be used in conjunction with electronic boot heaters to help conserve battery power and for when battery is drained. Underbeds were specially designed for use with the Hotronic Heating System. The Overtoes are a rather unique product and help to keep toes warmer in boots and shoes because of a special toe covering flap. Undersoles are prefect for shoes and boots that need extra thermal protection in the sole. Ideal for standing on cold concrete , ice, frozen earth. Loved by delivery drivers, crossing guards, construction workers, hunters, fishermen, cycle riders, students, utility crews, and cold storage workers.

WarmFeet - HeatShields Service

v.3 proskier is designed for the onsnow pro skier and features enhanced thermal reflection with additional layers and coverage and performance. Peel and stick to the outside of removable liners of ski and some snowboard boots. Fits Ski boots and boots with removable liners. Ski clubs and ski school bulk discounts. Dealers welcome.

WarmFeet - HeatShields Certifications

Ski School proform and Ski Club bulk discounts. Custom design and mfg. Product evaluatioon and design enhancement.

Other Brands in the WarmFeet - HeatShields Family

HeatShields - original HeatShields, v.3 proskier, Underbeds, v.3 proskier Traveler v.3 proskier traveler is designed for the onsnow pro skier who uses different ski boots, demos or rentals and features enhanced thermal reflection with additional coverage and performance. Removable and easily transfered to other boots. Fits Ski boots and boots with removable liners. Warm Feet - undersoles, overtoes for shoes and boots Custom designs and contract manufacturing available.

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