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Skiloop Ltd is a family owned company. There had to be an easier answer to the continual struggle to carry skis and poles. We have designed and now manufacture the quickest, easiest and simplest ski carrier in the World. It has a patent because it is different and it works !! Skiloop has been sold at ski shows, in retail stores, at ski schools, through mail order companies, directly on the website, on airlines etc Thousands have been sold worldwide and none returned. Skiloop is ideal for beginners or experts, children or adults. No velcro, No tangling, No fastenings It is so simple to use, it only takes 5 seconds to put on or take off. One size fits everyone. You won't believe how easy it is!

Skiloop began operations in 2001

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Skiloop- the easiest way to carry skis and poles, ideal for adults and children, beginners or experts. Skiloop has NO VELCRO, no fiddly fastenings, no untangling required, it folds easily into any pocket and springs out ready to use. It takes approximately 5 seconds to attach or detach. One size fits everyone and you will not believe how simple it is. Why have skiers struggled for so long ?! Thousands have been sold worldwide, none have been returned.

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Skiloop is unique - the only personal ski and pole carrier that requires only one point of attachment, takes less than 5 seconds to attach or detach! The only ski carrier that does not have either Velcro, fastenings or 2 points to attach to skis. This means it is the quickest and simplest.

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