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Avoid Altitude Sickness
Our Friends at Ski 'N See Ski Shops Help Us Prep to Avoid Altitude Sickness
Ski Springy Suggestions
For those lucky souls who live very near several ski resorts - as a few hundred thousand Utahns do - it's easy to get spoiled and only head out on a huge powder day or wait until the sun is shining bright. With spring skiing in Utah you often hit first chair with a new blanket of overnight snow and people in shorts or bikini tops. Here are a few things to keep in mind to get the best of the bluebird
Ski Rental Rigamarole - Don't get Caught Up with your Pants Down
More and more, those who don't have a favorite ski shop in their chosen destination are going online to shop for the "best deal". The trick is knowing if you are getting a deal or getting duped. Here are few things to watch out for before reserving your online gear…
Learn to Ski… or Snowboard. Which one is for me?
A common question for those who are considering learning to ski or snowboard… which should I try first? The answer is as unique as snowflakes… or personalities. Here are few things to consider before you decide to learn to ski or ride.
Snow: It's Not Just for Shoveling and 'Fun' Drive Time
Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month is now a national campaign to motivate people to try skiing and snowboarding - along with other winter sports.
Bring a Friend and Try it Twice!
According to LearntoSkiandSnowboardMonth.Org it can be helpful when trying out a new winter sport to bring a friend who can learn alongside you.
Yoga for Skiers: A Few Poses to Get You Ready for the Season
With ski season rapidly approaching (please let it come faster), it is time to buckle down and get back into shape before opening day creeps up on us
Buy or Rent? The Best Option for Skis and Snowboards
Everyone knows there are cheaper sports to enjoy than many mountain sports. But, those who are passionate about powder know there is no greater thrill or feeling of freedom than you get from downhill skiing or snowboarding. The question remains, is it more cost-effective to buy or rent?
Get in Shape for Ski Season: 6-Week Plan
Ski season is just around the corner, but is your body ready for those long days on the slopes? If you haven’t been working out during the off-season…you might be in some touble! Cross-training your body for skiing will give you more strength on the mountain and can help prevent injuries.
Tuning Your Skis or Snowboard
Are your skis or board not riding the way they used to? Do you find yourself trying to catch up with your friends on the slopes regularly because your skis are slowing you down? If so, it might be time for you to bring your skis or snowboard in for a tune-up.
Saving Money at the Ski Resorts
Skiing isn’t exactly a cheap sport. Between the gear, the lift tickets, the lodging, and dining, it adds up quick! But we really like LOVE skiing here in Utah, so over the years we have found ways to enjoy the sport without breaking the bank! If you are planning on hitting the slopes sometime soon, check out these 5 tips to saving money at the ski resorts.
4 Things You Should Ask the Local Ski Shop
A ski shop is a great resource for ski vacationers. It is where you can find information about the mountain, the resorts, and the town that will make your trip more enjoyable. In fact, it should be one of your first stops when you arrive.Go in and talk with the shop technicians. They will be happy to give you the low down on their town and get you stoked about your ski vacation!
Top Reasons to Rent Skis
Trying to decide whether you should rent skis or bring your own for your ski vacation this year? See the top ten reasons why our customers choose to rent…
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