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08/03/2012 by: Paul Kuehn

I made a reservation with SLR for 1 Rzr, 3 doubles, and 1 single atv about 3 weeks before my planned day to ride. Since my family are staying in Estes Park, we left EP at 6:30am to be at the location for 8 as advised at the time I placed the reservation. After filling out all the paperwork and attempting to make payment, I was then told they did not have a reservation for me and there was nothing really they could do.. What really chapped my backside was when the employee tried to make himself the victim by saying he was stUckmin this one.. I advised him that my group of 9 were the ones that got stuck in this deal. Their customer service is extremely poor and they operate a shabby business. I would suggest never attempting to rent from them. Liars and thieves in my opinion.

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