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Fischer Transalp Vacuum Ts Lite - Size 26.5 - Yellow

Fischer Transalp Vacuum Ts Lite Ski Boots - Size 26.5 - Yellow

Fischer Transalp Vacuum Ts Lite Ski Boots - Size 26.5 - Yellow

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  • Size: 26.5
  • Color: Yellow
  • Item #: 71 | UPC: 9002972003943

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Comfortable, mobile, and reasonably skiable touring boots aren't big news anymore, but just because something's been around for a while doesn't mean it can't be improved. Heat-moldable liners are pretty much standard issue these days, but Fischer's Transalp Vacuum TS Lite Alpine Touring Boot takes things a step further with its heat-moldable shell, which allows you to dial in a personalized fit that even grinding, punching, and padding won't give you. Just heat the shell up, just like you would a liner, stick it on, buckle it up, and let it cool--the Vacu-Plast material will expand and then contract to the shape of your foot, improving fit, performance, and comfort. Coupled with the moldable lace-up liner, this gives the Transalp a level of unprecedented customization, so you can kiss hot-spots, slop, and pain goodbye for good. Of course, all the fit technology in the world won't make a good boot all on its lonesome, so Fischer made sure the rest of the Transalp was on point, too. The shell is designed to complement the position our feet tend to take (Fischer calls its ergonomic design features V-Position and On-Center Position), for increased control and comfort, and it has a ski/walk lever that offers a killer 53 degrees of fore-aft rotation for easy skinning. Three X-Lite aluminum buckles pull your foot into the shell without pinching, and a 40mm Touring power strap beefs up the relatively mild 115 flex, so the boots don't get overwhelmed if you're driving wider skis. An adjustable rear spoiler lets you play with the Transalp's 13-degree forward lean, and a grippy Vibram sole makes icy walks, rock scrambling, and parking lot detours a little bit less sketchy.