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Valsugana - Lagorai

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39 0461 706101 / 800 018 925

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About Valsugana - Lagorai

A sense of freedom is guaranteed by the majestic peaks of the Lagorai mountains and the granite Cima d'Asta Massif makes Valsugana an unbelievable, unspoiled edge of the Trentino region.

In these rural areas, whose most attractive quality is the absence of chaos and stress, old customs remain strong, preserving and promoting ancient dishes, handcrafts and festivals. Everyone talks about the everlasting relationship between man and nature: important prehistoric finds and traces of Roman culture, fortresses of different ages and precious remains that bear witness to an ancient civilization, original paths for the transhumance and the epos of the perteganti, the local print vendors.

Skiing and Snowboarding at Valsugana - Lagorai

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What's New This Season at Valsugana - Lagorai

For the next winter season Funivie Lagorai on Broocn Pass will offer night skiing every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and every night during Christmas holidays! Both Funivie Lagorai and Panarotta 2002 will organize events and parties on the snow. More information on

Valsugana - Lagorai Contact Information

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Valsugana - Lagorai Address

APT Valsugana - Lagorai, Terme, Laghi
Via Vittorio Emanuele, 3

Valsugana - Lagorai Phone Numbers

39 0461 706101 / 800 018 925