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Sutton, QC  CA
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Ski Race Programs at Mont SUTTON

Transitional program to prepare your future champion for the competition club or have him/her progress in a competition level program.

This program includes:
- Pre-season ski training with the competition club
- 5 days Christmas Camp and School Break and 10 weekends
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Races and Competitions at Mont SUTTON

From 06/04/2016 to 06/05/2016
On June 4 and 5, 2016, the obstacle race XMAN will take place at Mont SUTTON! The XMAN is an obstacle race done by foot in an extreme environment and in an extreme atmosphere! You find road running boring? You want to challenge yourself both physically and mentally in something new? Running without a goal is meaningless to you? You like CrossFit? You like challenges? You feel you're not up to running but the rest of your buddy is screaming to do something beyond its limits? You like weight training in the gym, but have yet to prove your friends you are truly strong in real life and not just to pull and push metal plates? You are an experience runner that needs something new and challenging? You like mud? You like being dirty? You like surprises? You are not scared of little scratches? You'd like to tell your friends and family that you're an XMAN? Details and registration:

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Information last updated 03/30/2016.