The Homestead Ski School / The Homestead Ski Lessons

Hot Springs, VA  US
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The Homestead Ski School Prices / Snowboarding Lesson Prices

     Learn to Ski/Snowboard
First Time Program
Adult $ 35.00 $ 69.00 Call
Child Call Call Call

The Homestead Ski School - More Info

New to the Sport?
The professional Sepp Kober Ski School staff at the Homestead will put you at ease and guide you through basics with an introduction to Downhill Skiiing or Snowboarding.

1 hour private Ski or Snowboard lesson $ 69 Each additional person $29
2 hour private Ski or Snowboard lesson $ 99 Each additional person $49
1 hour GROUP Ski lesson $35 per person

Skis, Boots, and Poles daily rentals $35
Snowboard and Boots daily rentals $35

The Homestead Kids Ski School - More Info

The Homestead is offering full day and half day Bunny Ski School for children ages 5-11 years old. Students will learn the basics of: Ski Equipment, Terminology, Safety, and Introduction to Downhill skiing. A hot lunch is provided for full day students.

Registration begins at 9:00AM. for full day, and lessons are from 10:00AM. until 3:00PM.

Half day Bunny Ski School lessons are available from 1:00PM-3:00PM only.

Full Day with lunch $109

Half Day ( Afternoon Only ) $59

Information last updated 11/01/2011. Prices shown in United States Dollars.