Snow Ridge Ski School / Snow Ridge Ski Lessons

Turin, NY  US
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Snow Ridge Ski School Prices / Snowboarding Lesson Prices

     Learn to Ski/Snowboard
First Time Program
Adult $ 21.00 $ 39.00 $ 36.00
Child $ 52.00 $ 39.00 $ 36.00

Snow Ridge Kids Ski School - More Info

We offer a Children's Program and it's available to ages 5-10. There is a half day program for either morning or afternoon for 2 hours. Cost is $52. Price includes all area lift ticket and 2 hours of instruction. We have excellent instructors who love to teach children. Our program for ages 3-5 offers a half hour lesson for $25 or 1 hour lesson for $37. Instruction is one-on-one. Add $12 if rentals are needed. Learn to ski first time program is available for ages 7 and up only.

Information last updated 10/17/2013. Prices shown in United States Dollars.